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Reel life villain to Real life Hero: Varlaxmi Saratkumar helps migrants relocate in Chennai

Renowned Actress Varalaxmi Sarathkumar has won the hearts of many helpless migrants by selfless and kind act with her team.

The NGO running by Varalaxmi sarath has helped over 1600 migrant workers stranded in different parts of the country due to the COVID-19 lock-down, to return their home.

In collaboration with the Tamil Nadu government, Chennai City Police, Chennai corporation and Sankalp Beautiful World, the migrants were transported from Chennai to their respective home town, amid the lock-down.

In an interview, Varalaxmi stated that, "With the help of her mother and many volunteers, their NGO has launched a helpline toll free number nation wide," the actress has walked an extra mile to do her best for migrant workers.

Mrs. Chayadevi, mother of Varalaxmi took initiative to gather the needy migrants at single roof, who have contacted. they also provided food for them.

Varalaxmi is the second celebrity stood to help migrants to reach their native after Sonu Sood.

Report By: Sindhu Mangalwedha

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