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NSA Ajit Doval , Chinese Foriegn Minister Wang yi held talks on LAC standoff ahead of Indian army

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

National Security Advisor Ajit Doval held talks with Chinese Foreign Minister nad State Councilor Wang Yi over video call on Sunday( July 6 ) evening. According to sources, talks, which continued for almost 2 hours, were held in a a cordial and forward - looking manner.

The focus of the conversation between NSA Ajit Doval and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang yi was the "full and enduring restoration of peace and tranquility and to work together to avoid such incidents in future," sources added.

Earlier in the day, China said the front-line troops are taking effective measures an making progress to disengage and ease the tensions in the Galwan Valley along the Line of Actual Control with India. China's People's Liberation Army was seen removing tents and structures at patrolling point 14, the sources said in New Delhi., adding the reaward movement of vehicles of Chinese troops was seen in the general area of Galwan and Gogra Hot Springs.

According to ANI, China's Foreign Ministry spokes person Zhao Lijian reacted to the disengagement move and said, " there is progress made on front-line troops taking effective measures to disengage and ease the tensions."

He said the Chinese and Indian troops held commander level talks on June 30 as the two sides continued to work to implement the consensus reached at the two previous ronds of talks.

" We hope the Indian side will move towards China and through concrete actions implement the consensus and continue the close communication through military and diplomatic channels to jointly push for the de-escalation on the border region," Zhao said.

The remarks of Zhao Lijian came after government sources in New Delhi said the Chinese Army was seen removing tents and vehicles and were moving back by almost 1-15 km from certain areas of the Galwan Valley, in the first sign of disengagement of troops from the area.

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