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Narendra Modi's Independence Day speech: From vaccine to China, what the PM said

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today addressed the nation from the majestic Red Fort on the occasion of India's 74th Independence Day.

In the one-hour 26-minute speech, he focused on the themes of "Aatma Nirbhar Bharat (self-reliant India)", "Vocal for local" and "Make in India to Make for World". He also paid tribute to those on the frontlines of the fight against the coronavirus and declared that India had a roadmap ready for the production and distribution of three COVID-19 vaccines that are at various stages of testing.

This is PM Modi's seventh consecutive Independence Day speech, and second since his BJP-led NDA swept to a second term in power in Lok Sabha elections last year.

In view of the situation, the general public have not been invited to the event. Instead, 1,500 corona warriors, including 500 police personnel who have recovered from the infection, were called to attend the function in a symbol of the citizens' determination to fight the pandemic and emerge winners.

PM Modi speech Updates:

-What India can do, world has seen it in Ladakh: PM

-A special campaign with a holistic approach is also being worked out to reduce pollution in 100 selected cities of country.

From LoC to LAC, India's army has given befitting reply

-Just as Sikkim has made its mark as an organic state, efforts are being made to make Ladakh a carbon neutral region: PM Modi

-India is committed to hold assembly elections in Jammu and Kashmir once delimitation exercise is complete: PM Modi

-India will start mass production of vaccines once we get a green signal from scientists: PM Modi

-The strategy to ensure that coronavirus vaccine reaches every Indian in the least possible time is ready

-There are 3 vaccines under development in India: PM Modi

-Every Indian will have health id card: PM Modi

-National Digital Health Mission will begin from today. This will bring in a new revolution will bring in a new revolution

-Health sector has taught us the biggest lesson in Aatma Nirbhar Bharat

-New cyber security strategy is ready

-All villages will have optical fibre network within 1000 days: Modi

-Self-reliant India has an important priority -- self-sufficient agriculture sector and self-reliant farmers: PM Modi

-About ₹90,000 crore directly transferred to bank accounts of poor; over 80 crore people provided free food grains: PM Modi

-The middle class will be the biggest beneficiary for Ease of Living

-About 7,000 projects of different sectors have been identified to bring new revolution in infrastructure: PM Modi

-Farmers are now able to sell their products anywhere in the world and on his own terms: PM

-The mindset of free India should be 'vocal for local'. We should appreciate our local products, if we don't do this then our products will not get the opportunity to do better and will not get encouraged.

-Today, many big companies of world are turning to India

-Infrastructure should be integrated, Modi said while talking about multi-modal connectivity infrastructure.

-We cannot work in silos: PM Modi

-Make in India and also 'Make for world': PM Modi

-FDI increased by 18% in India last year

-India's share in world economy should increase for which we have to be self-reliant: PM Modi

-We must encourage vocal for local, make it our jeevan mantra.

-I am confident that measures like opening up the space sector will generate many new employment opportunities for our youth and provide further avenues to hone their skills and potential.

-For how long should our raw material return to India in the form of finished products: PM Modi

-We want to focus on economic growth and development but humanity must retain a central role in this process and our journey.

-"I am confident that India will realize the dream of self reliant India. I am confident of the abilities, confidence and potential of my fellow Indians. Once we decide to do something, we do not rest till we achieve that goal."

-"This is a day to remember the sacrifices of our freedom fighters. This is also a day to show gratitude to Security personnel including that of Army, paramilitary and police ensuring our safety": PM Modi

-We must become self-reliant: PM Modi

-"We're going through distinct times. I can't see young children in front of me today (at Red Fort). Corona has stopped everyone. In these times of COVID, Corona warriors have lived the mantra of 'Seva Parmo Dharma' and served the people of India. I express my gratitude to them," PM Modi said.

-We will win over COVID-19, the resolve of 130 crore Indians will help us win: PM

- Next year we will be entering the 75th year of independence. It will be a big occasion: PM Modi

-PM Modi pays tributes to freedom fighters, security forces and corona warriors.

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