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Actress Varalaxmi Saratkumar Launches Save Shakti Foundation Website Online

South Indian renowned actress Varalakshmi Sarathkumar launched a website for the 'Save Shakti Foundation' with a vision of empowering women. Her social activity continues with the new endeavor.

On behalf of the NGO Save Shakti Foundation, which she runs along with her mother, Chayadevi has taken a new step to reach the privileged people, especially to empower women.

Actor Sarath Kumar, the dignitary of the program expressed his concern towards the women safety and to eradicate the social evils, against women.

Apsara Reddy, Geetha Ramasen, Bhaskaran Inspector General of Police, Jeffery Vardon, advocate Sudha Ramalingam, Varsha Aswani, Gowtham Chander were the other luminaries.

Varalaxmi Sarath has helped over 1600 migrant workers stranded in different parts of the country due to the COVID-19 lock-down, to return their home, a few days ago.

Mrs. Chayadevi, mother of Varalaxmi took initiative to gather the needy migrants at a single roof, who have contacted. they also provided food for them. Varalaxmi is the second celebrity stood to help migrants to reach their native after Sonu Sood. Now it is her other contribution to the women for equality in bettering society. Save Shakti Foundation has led many missions for the endorsement of women.

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