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350+ Elephants dead in Botswana

International: Botswana, a place known to be the home for more than 130000 elephants. Botswana considered to be the safest place for elephant conservation. Even though it has a strong history of wildlife conservation, now it is suffering from its own surge in poaching.

Over 350 elephants found dead mysteriously in Botswana's famed Okavango Delta. Until recently, the southern African country escaped from the curse of elephant killing for ivory, Still in high demand in other countries.

According to a research, there is huge raise in elephant poaching in northern Botswana. over 156 elephants were poached for ivory in 2018 is been confirmed. Based on a report they are and estimated that at least 385 elephants dead in 2017 and 2018.

The acting director of the department of Wildlife and National Parks said, "the cause of the deaths was yet to prove with Anthrax having been ruled out. We do not suspect poaching since the animals were found with tusks. Samples have been sent to South Africa, Zimbabwe and Canada for testing."

According to a report released recently, elephant carcasses were considered recent, having died about a month ago, and the rest appeared to be the fresh from one day to two weeks.

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Sindhu Mangalweda


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